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I'm always open to collaborating. Reach out to learn more about what I have to offer and ways we can serve the community.

For Psychotherapy

I offer a free 20-30 minute introductory meeting so we can see if we’re a good fit for each other. This can be by phone or video using, a HIPAA compliant telehealth program. In this meeting I’ll ask you what is bringing you in at this time and ask you some questions. I’ll share about how I work. Then you can ask me whatever you need to know to support you in making your decision. At the end we’ll discuss if we want to schedule an initial session. Email to set up your free introductory meeting.

  • Tuesday 1pm-8pm-Virtual or Office

  • Wednesday 1pm-8pm-Virtual or Office

  • Thursday 10am-6pm-Virtual or Office (Currently only mornings avail. on this day)