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"The moment we
choose to love we begin to move against domination, against oppression. The moment
we choose to love we begin to move towards freedom, to act in ways that liberate
ourselves and others. That action is the testimony of love as the practice of freedom."-bell hooks

Community Offerings


Regular creative focused groups for healing and growth.


Trainings for communities and agencies around liberation mental health, trauma informed work, and peer work.


Consultations/collaborations on liberation mental health, group work and creative healing practices.

Consultations and Coaching

Author Consultations

More than a sensitivity read have a psychologist read and consult with you on the psychological make up of your characters. 

People are more than a cluster of symptoms and so are your characters Consult and explore how your character and their mental health could show up within your story.

Specializations include cultural context for mental health, mixed race, multiracial relationships and communication, decolonizing and Liberation psychology. QTBIPOC experiences and mental health.

Rate: $75/hr with 15-20 pages per hr includes 1 hour consultation session and written feedback.

BIPOC Authors $55/hr with 15-20 pages per hr includes 1 hour consultation session and written feedback.

Feedback offered based on how Author processes information. 

Peer Worker Coaching

Many people work in the communities they come from and share the lived expereince of the people they work with. 

This offers an invaluable wisdom in the work. However, it also offers unique experiences. Often triggers in working with the people who share your lived experiences comes up. Processing and consulting on working in your community requires specific support. 

Reach out and explore how consultation can help you in your peer work.

Rate: $185

Sliding scale available.

Clinical Consultations

Clinical consultations on

  • Starting a private practice

  • Decolonizing your work

  • Finding your clinical style

  • Integrating ancestral practices into clinical work

  • Work from a Liberation/Anti-capitalist model

  • Trauma, relational trauma, complex trauma, historical/intergenerational trauma

  • And more clinical topics...

Rate $200

Sliding scale $150-$195

Community Workshops

Notebook and Pen


Looking for something specific to you and your community?

Interested in one of these offerings? I work responsively which means nothing is a fixed curriculum. I've created offerings that are designed to center participants and their growth goals so we can co-create what works for you and your community members. Reach out to learn more and let's facilitate together!! Email me at

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