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Dreamspotting-Dime La Luna

Dreamspotting is a community offering where we create space for you to process a dream that you want to gain deeper understanding of. This is an ideal practice for reoccurring dreams, dreams that leave you with lots of emotions, dreams you can't stop thinking about, or really any dream you want to create space to explore deeper.


With the blessings of elder and maestra, Dr. Eleanor Barrón-Druckrey-La Chicana Dreamer, I have combined the practice of Dreamspotting-a technique from Brainspotting by Dr. David Grand with Chicane ancestral dream teachings. After studying and integrating dreamwork in my life I answered the call heard thru my own dream to support others in their dreamwork. Ultimately-I am here to hold space for you and your dreams. Dreamspotting offers us a framework to return to the dream and build a container for you to explore and connect with your own ancestral connections and insights. We will follow your dream to what your whole being is communicating to you.

I look forward to walking with you in the dream world. 

Moon Clouds

How it Works

Sessions take place virtually. 

During our 45 mins-1 hour session, I will guide you back into your dream and be with you as you go deeper and gain whatever you need from the exploration.

Dreamspotting in this framework is not therapy-deeper experiences may come up that feel like they need more concentrated healing. If this happens I'll provide you with referrals if desired.





Also open to barter, trade, or exchanges.

Package available:

Pre-pay for 3 or more sessions you'll receive a $10 discount per session. This allows you to flow with what shows up for you in a dream and not be limited to one session.

Community Support Scale: 


A portion of your investment will go to community mutual aid requests and support.

Payment accepted by:

Paypal: @violamejia1194

Venmo: @viola-mejia

Cash or Check

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Reach out each out directly to email 

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