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"You can use your imagination to tend to yourself and your community. To empower them. Not necessarily be a representative of them, but to empower them".-Ocean Vuong


I identify as a mixed Chicana female with family from what is called now Europe and Mexico. I connect to my ancestral practices from these multiple places and cultures. I’m Bay Area born and raised-Shout out to the three zip codes that made me: 408, 415, 510. I work in English and Spanglish and have a passion for the way stories and words connect us to permiso del corazón-permission of the heart. I believe that our dreams and creativity will show us the way to our radical collective healing. 

Image Description: Photo of light skinned Latine female with curly dark hair and tattoos smiling wearing a green shirt. Photo by Dorean Raye

My Story-Mi Cuento

Growing up in a lot of chaos I believed the way to survive was to feel nothing-my goal was to feel nothing, be impacted by nothing. Little did I know that the opposite is true. The more we are with our emotions the more liberated we are. I continued my search for understanding about why certain things happen, why people around me were in so much pain, and how to go deep into the pain to come out more free. As someone who the school system failed I started working in Adult Education and I found I could help people find the learner in themselves. Eventually, I started to notice I could support more radical growth with deeper and deeper work and so I started my second career journey in mental health.

My own healing experiences brought me to Mujerista Psychology, Liberation Psychology, restorative justice practices, and ancestral wisdom as frameworks for healing. I believe in a personal decolonizing practice. I also believe in constantly questioning psychology which means deconstructing and challenging common mental health practices by understanding where they support colonization and cause harm. The goal is to remember healing practices that focus on the entire person and healing through centering relationships and community.

I have now come believe in the power of the relationship and love to heal. The more authentic relationships with our communities, ourselves, and peers we engage in-the more we are able to grow and heal our collective traumas. By leaning into shared stories we are reconnecting with our body's natural abilities to heal. I believe that our whole being holds all we need to heal and grow and my role is to support people in unearthing that.

Licensed as a psychologist in 2022, I have been working in community settings in the Bay Area since 2004-ish in various educational and counseling support roles. I bring together all my community focus, creative arts, training, and personal experiences to support you with your healing goals.

Image description: Stack of Books Photo by Dorean Raye



If we're meeting virtually and I'm working from home the cat may make an appearance. Usually, you'll just see an active tail flip as she settles in. 

Image Description: A tortoise shell cat lays in the sun next to a computer charger.


  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist CA PSY33293


  • "Root to Bloom" Holistic Training for Community Based Service Providers 2020-2021

  • Community Health Outreach Worker-CCSF


  • Brainspotting Phase 1 and 2


  • PsyD Clinical Psychology, CA Institute of Integral Studies

  • MA Adult Education Concentration in Social Justice and Equity, San Francisco State University

  • BA English, Creative Writing, San Francisco State University

  • San Bernardino Community College District Gen. Ed

Let's Connect!

Reach out for a 20 to 30 minute introductory meeting to see if we're a good fit at or click Work with Me

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