Individual Therapy for Adults

I work by focusing on relationship and practice: restorative, liberation and body centered practices. I sit with people and listen for the heart in people that has been lost or repressed. I offer gentle challenges to fixed thoughts so people can learn new ways of being.


The role I play in the healing process is to try and create a space where people can mess up, where practices are used to embody the true self, and where experiences integrate into a lifelong healing journey. We work together to nurture tendrils of healing that start in the room and grow out into life.​

I offer 50 minute weekly or biweekly sessions.


Brainspotting was discovered by Dr. David Grand while doing EMDR. As he continued to work with people he coined the phrase "where you look affects how you feel" to explain the way finding spots where people look connects to parts of the brain that in turn connect to parts of our nervous system where trauma is "stored". Brainspotting can be a part of our therapy work or for 1 to 3 sessions for a specific issue such as test anxiety.

All couples therapy sessions are full at this time.

Couples/Relationship/Multipartnered Therapy

Relationships of all styles and structures are welcome. Monogamous, Non-monogamous, polyamorous, hierarchical, anarchist, triads, emotional connections, intimate connections, and on and on. All relationships can have strengths and challenges, and therapy can address the needs of your unique relationship.


In therapy with relationships, I believe in supporting every person involved, as well as the relationship itself. I strive to assist you in acknowledging and addressing daily challenges, big decision making, ongoing hurts, resolving stresses that build up over time, and moving forward to expand communication, connection, intimacy, and partnership. Relationships shift and change over time, and in our work we can acknowledge how a relationship shows up and how everybody shows up in it. We will work towards engaging with both you and others in whatever ways the relationship is or isn't working.


Relationship Trauma

Relationship Trauma describes the experiences we have with other people that brings out trauma responses in us because of our previous relational experiences. This can look just like our response to specific traumatic events.

Trauma Recovery

Trauma can included recent, ongoing, or historical experience with traumatic events, relationships, family histories and stories, and community histories and stories. This includes PTSD and C-PTSD, other trauma related diagnosis, and the many ways you might be and feel impacted in the world and in yourself. Trauma can show up in many ways, impacting bodies, emotions, task completion, organization, relationships, your sense of purpose, your ability to create and relate, and so much more. I work with certain responses to trauma that are labeled as mental health issues such as depression/anxiety, substance use, "personality disorders" and others.


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