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What's your office like?

The office is located at 4126 Telegraph Ave Oakland, CA. It is located in walking distance of MacArthur BART and has a gated parking lot. It is not a low scent office as we share space with bodyworkers. Located up two flight of stairs.

What will our sessions be like?

I work in response to the specific and unique facets of you. We might use any of these...

  • Talk therapy

  • Brainspotting

  • Art/Story Telling/Creative practices

  • Journaling

  • Dreamwork

  • Ancestral Connections

  • Psycheducation

  • Relational practice

  • Your spiritual practices

  • Walking/Outdoor

  • Parts work

  • Trauma focused

  • Meditative Practices
  • And more...

What if I see you in community?

As a community therapist we might have intersecting cultural communities and run into each other at events or classes. Ideally, we'll talk about this before it happens and decide what feels best for you. I will not approach or acknowledge you if we haven't discussed it beforehand.

If I work with you in therapy can I attend one of your community offerings?

Yes of course! If you're comfortable. We'll talk about it beforehand and what it might be like to see me in an educator or facilitator role interacting with others.

How will we meet? What if I don't live in the Bay Area? 

Prior to COVID I offered a mix of meeting types. Phone, video, or in person either in an office or walking/outdoor. I'm licensed in the state of CA and work with people all over CA.

What can I do to make therapy more efficient?

People often ask what they can do to make therapy work better or what I expect from them in the "client" role. Since so much of how I work is about understanding you I ask that you show up consistently whatever our agreed upon schedule. You can show up in any state and talk about anything even if it's your favorite show. It's all part of therapy because it's a part of you. One thing people can do is to be open with what is working and what isn't working and what you might need. People often wait until they ready to leave therapy before they say anything and usually we can work through whatever you bring up. I ask people to have one final session to review our work before they transition out.

Do I have to get a diagnosis?

Diagnosing is done by looking at a cluster of reported symptoms that have been designated as a psychological illness by the American Psychiatric Association. This is one piece of your experience and does not define the entirety of who you are. Many diagnoses are based on responses to stressors and is also highly biased. We do not need to have a diagnosis to work together. The main reason I offer a diagnosis is that as a community therapist part of my role is to help people navigate systems, including medical and social systems where having a diagnosis is needed. Diagnosing also helps many people in understanding their mental health needs to have language and vocabulary around responses to life experiences. 

Any other questions?

Reach out for a free 20-30 min introductory meeting at
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