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Group Hug

Our Rewrite

An 8 week creative practice group for BIPOC people over 40 who feel like they were the adults in their life. Sometimes referred to as parentified children their roles in their family and life have made it so they're now ready to find joy and play as they gain some wisdom. Preparation for becoming the elder they needed.


Embrace your Extra!!!!

A 4 week creative practice group for people have always been told they're a little "extra".  The goal of this group is to explore your extras and embrace them so that they become your superpowers. 

We Are the Story

An 8 week creative writing group for survivors of sexual harm. This group is for those who have processed their experience and are looking to reclaim their story and offer support to others in the form of a zine. 

Embrace your Extra!!!

A mini 2 hr version of the longer workshop. Designed to be offered for a one time event or practice.

Notebook and Pen


Community Trainings

Group Facilitation

  • Support Peer Counselors in becoming authentic group facilitators. Offered at RAMS Peer Counselor Program

Interested In Groups?

Interested in one of these offerings? I work responsively which means nothing is a fixed curriculum. I've created offerings that are designed to center participants and their growth goals so we can co-create what works for you and your community members. Reach out to learn more and let's facilitate together!! Email me at

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